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Q: Where did they come from?

A: Sometimes you can bring them in from the store or they can travel through small openings from one apartment to the next. They have been here for many millions of years and will be here for many millions more. Once they find their way into the home they can survive on many different food sources such as grease on a stove, moisture or condensation from a pipe or small leak, food particles, glue behind wallpaper, and even the wax build up inside an ear, (hopefully not) which is why sanitation and moisture control is very important when a roach infestation is noticed.


Q: How long does the treatment from Abolish Pest Control take to work?

A: Depending on the infestation and sanitation conditions, control usually takes at least one week after application, but can be accomplished quicker, depending on many factors as listed above. Abolish Pest Control will return free of charge if there is any live evidence after 10 days from the initial service.


Q: Are the chemical Abolish Pest Control applies dangerous?

A: All chemicals applied by Abolish Pest Control are licensed and approved by the DEC and EPA for residential, and or commercial use, depending on the structure we are servicing. The Department of Environmental Conservation, & Environmental Protection Agency, strictly enforce, and approve, only chemicals that are tested and can be safely applied as to pose minimum or no exposure to people and pets.

When applied properly, as per chemical label directions, by a licensed exterminator from Abolish Pest Control, treatments are safe for any service we provide.


Q: How long does a roach live?

A: At each molt, they appear more and more like adults. After undergoing their final molt, they are equipped with wings and reproductive capabilities. This process spans between six months to over a year. American cockroaches live for approximately one year.


Q: Where do cockroaches nest in your house?

A: The German cockroach, among the most common, likes moist, warm areas. It might nest in tight cracks in bathrooms and kitchens but can breed and nest in appliances, clutter, and many other places… but  roaches need moisture to survive, which can be found in many places. Pay close attention to warm, moist, or greasy conditions, and correct them when found.

Q: Will sealing up all the openings solve my roach problem?

A: NO…Although sealing up cracks and crevices is always a good long term prevention method, if a roach is introduced to the dwelling with groceries or other items, they can find many places to breed and hide, that cannot be sealed.







Common Questions and Answers    Q=Question    A=Answers   

  • Rodent: (Mice and or Rats)



Q: Where did they come from?

A: Rats and Mice can gain entry to a structure from many ways.

Small gaps in and around, windows and doors, from below grade through the foundation or even in and around sewer and water lines. They are usually looking for a place to nest and feed but can also infest a structure when disturbed as in construction in the area or dwelling.


Q: How long does the treatment from Abolish Pest Control take to work?

A: Depending on the infestation, and sanitation conditions, 4-5 days. but may be accomplished quicker considering the situation. Customer must always give at least 10 days for optimal results and call Abolish Pest Control if problem persists after this period for another visit.


Q: Is the chemical dangerous?

A: All chemicals applied by Abolish Pest Control are applied in accordance with the chemical label, and in a method, to not endanger people pets and or children.


Q: Can you have mice and rats together?

A: Mice are afraid of rats because rats will kill and eat mice. Rat odor can be a strong deterrent to mice and affect their behavior.





Q: How long does a Rat or Mouse live?

A: Rats and Mice can live up to 3 or 4 years or more in optimal conditions.




Q: How many mice or rats in a litter:

A: For MICE…The gestation period is about 19–21 days, and they give birth to a     litter of 3–14 young (average six to eight). One female can have 5 to 10 litters per year, so the mouse population can increase very quickly. Breeding occurs throughout the year.

Rats have litters of 6-12 young, which are born 21-23 days after mating. They reach reproductive maturity in about 3 months. Breeding is most active in the spring and fall. The average female has 4-6 litters per year.

Q: Where do Mice and Rats nest in your house?

A: House Mouse. “Mice” do not typically burrow, instead they create indoor nests of shredded paper, string, and other similar materials. Nests are commonly located in secluded corners, beneath cabinets, at the base of kitchen appliances, and in cluttered areas.

But Rats on the other hand, such as Norway rats. These rats often burrow under the soil, alongside foundations, in overgrown shrubbery areas and below garbage or woodpiles. In homes, their burrows or nests are found in basements or the lower levels of homes and buildings but once in the structure, if necessary, they will travel upwards in search for food and moisture and safe harborage.

Q: Will sealing up all the openings solve my roach problem?

A: Mice and Rats can always make new openings so sealing up can help but doesn’t kill the rodent. They can usually create new openings to forage for food, moisture and harborage.




A Professional Pest Control Service, along with proper sanitation, will often have the most effective control of most common pests, but clutter, moisture, and sanitation issues, can make control of any pest a little more difficult. So, for long term prevention, it is always recommended, to pay close attention to obvious conditions, and the recommendations of Abolish Pest Control.



Along with proper sanitation, (which is very important)… Properly applied Rodent Baits, Non-poison Rodent Traps. As well as exclusion, and other chemicals, often have the most effective control of rodents. Clutter, moisture, and sanitation issues, can make control more difficult. so, for long term prevention, sometimes Abolish Pest Control may recommend long term control such as door sweeps, moisture control, or any visible sanitation suggestions.