Our Customer Feedback in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

Review of Abolish Pest ControlHere's a story that should be told...back in October I woke up one day and found a bug on my pillow...when I killed it blood came out...to my horror it was a bed bug. I immediately called Abolish Pest Control (I work for a real estate management company), I spoke with Paul who very patiently explained every step of the preparation process. Paul sent over one of his technicians who thoroughly inspected and treated every inch of my apartment.Thank G-D that was the first & last one I have ever seen. They scheduled additional follow up appointments, which I gladly welcomed. I highly recommend Abolish Pest Control...a job WELL DONE!! Thank you Paul for all your patience!!
- Kathy B., Brooklyn, NY 

Abolish Pest Control Lives up to Their Name!
Earlier this year, a very noisy renovation in an apartment below, sent a large colony of mice running for cover in my fourth-tloor kitchen. After a disastrous experience with a no-name exterminator provided by my landlord, I decided to try Abolish because of their 60-day guarantee.
Other reviewers mentioned Eddie, so I requested him by name, and was surprised (and relieved) to learn he was available that afternoon. Luckily, the positive feedback was completely warranted, as Eddie turned out to be a pest control guru. Clad in camouflage and armed with his bag of steel wool, tracking powder and traps, he nimbly crawled under cabinets and tables, and squeezed behind the stove to identify points of entry and pinpoint high-traffic areas.
By examining droppings of various sizes, he was able to tell me the approximate number of mice in the colony, and how long they'd been making late-night raids on my pantry. Instead of poisoning the rodent intruders and leaving me deal with that unmistakable rotten broccoli odor, Eddie sealed every crack and hole around the perimeter of the room with a foam insulation that proved incredibly effective. After three weeks, there has been no sign of new droppings and my wife and I are no longer worried about finding holes in our cereal boxes. To put it simply, Eddie is the man!
- Trevor C., Brooklyn, NY

I have been using this company for a year now. I'm very happy with the service, and i have recommended them to my friends and family. Good prices too.
- Steve B., New York, NY

Go with them!
I'm an old-time customer of Abolish Pest Control and I've been using them for about fifteen years. Paul himself used to service the premises, and now we have a fellow named Eddy, who is professional, courteous, and does a fantastic job! I live in a four-family house and Abolish Pest Control treats all the apartments and basement on a monthly basis. The service is very effective and we've had no problems with pests or rodents. I would tell people to give Abolish Pest Control a try! They are very professional people. Whatever chemicals they use seem to work fine. Go with them!
- Mike P., Brooklyn, NY

Excellent service - professional, responsive, flexible and value for money
Based on customer reviews, I contacted Paul for treatment and have not been disappointed. He was very responsive and flexible with scheduling which is important particularly when one has difficult tenants. Eddie did a great job and was patient with the tenants. We required a follow-up within the warranty period and Paul promptly scheduled it. I would highly recommend Abolish for their great service.
- Pauline F., Queens, NY

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